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Upcoming Ethics Training - February 2021

Engaged and Ethical Media Interactions for Counselors
February 11-12 @ 12-1:30 pm MST, 3 Ethics CEs

Dr. Michele KerulisJen RobertsonPresented by Dr. Michele Kerulis (left) and Jennifer Robertson (right).

Experts in mental health are often called on to provide commentary about the impact that mental health issues and sociopolitical climates have on wellness. This interactive workshop will help attendees learn how to interpret ethics codes, utilize ethical decision making models, and create content to share in the media that (1) complies with ethical guidelines and (2) provides accurate depictions of counseling in practice.

During this workshop, attendees will learn how to ethically engage with the media, decide whether or not to accept media interviews, and understand the intersection of ethics codes and the media (namely confidentiality, competence, and cultural awareness). Attendees in this workshop will be given the opportunity to practice writing digital media posts. Attendees will gain insight and inspiration from the presenters and other attendees to share their ideas and help the public learn more about mental health. All levels and disciplines of practitioners are welcome and will benefit from attending this workshop. Registration will open in later in November. Read more.

Articles that Highlight Our Need for Ethics Workshops:
New ABC Show Shows Promise in Discussing Mental Health
The Opera Reflections: Modern Aging and the Unique Role of Technology
Understanding "Joker" through the Lens of a Trauma Therapist

COVID Vaccination Links

St. Luke's
When available, appointments will be scheduled through myChart. If you do not have a myChart account already, please sign up for one.

Primary Health Medical Group
To make an appointment, please visit the link above. Also read the COVID-19 Vaccine Overview and FAQ Handout.

Saint Alphonsus Health System 
To schedule an appointment, view the FAQ ‘Who is currently receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and how to schedule?’ and follow guidelines. 

Report from the Idaho Division of Occupational Licenses (IDOPL)

IMHCA Ethics Chair Cassidi Klimek has been attending the IDOPL (formally IBOL) quarterly meetings. IMHCA members can find a summary of these meetings on our website under the Members Only tab. Some highlights of the most recent public meeting include:

  • There has been a name change to Idaho Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses (IDOPL)
  • The Idaho Licensing Board of Professional Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists and other IDOPL divisions will be moving offices to  11351 W Chinden, Bld #6, Boise, ID 83714
  • IDOPL offices will be closed to the public without appointment to protect staff during the current COVID-19 pandemic
  • Ethics CEs no longer need to be in person and can be completed online. This includes IMHCA's Ethics Training in February.
  • There was discussion of increased fees for licensure in the next few years but no decision was made during this meeting
  • IDOPL meetings have been moved to Fridays and will be held on February 26, May 21, July 16, and October 22 in 2021. Meetings begin at 8:30 am and the public is welcome to attend via WebEx at the meeting links in the agendas

IMHCA looks forward to keeping you up to date on the IDOPL happenings in the upcoming year. Stay safe and healthy!

Upcoming Peer Consultation Groups
February 10, 6:00-7:30 pm
March 12, 12:15-1:45 pm

Would you like to receive or provide input from fellow clinicians on a counseling practice issue? Our peer consultation group meets virtually to offer  feedback and support as they discuss challenging cases, ethical dilemmas, professional issues, and the effects of work on their well-being. Read more.

IMHCA Scholarship Recipients Attend ICA Conference 

Last October IMHCA awarded scholarships to graduate students in Idaho counseling programs for their outstanding essays. The scholarships allowed these students to attend the Idaho Counseling Association’s ICA/ISCA Annual Conference in November. The following are letters we received from scholarship recipients Michael Carey and Courtney Goossens reflecting on their experience at the Conference. 


"It was such an honor to be able to attend the Idaho Counseling Association Conference as a IMHCA scholarship recipient. I am so grateful for the experience and it is something I will always look back on. Attending a conference during the COVID-19 pandemic comes with many challenges and setbacks, but the organizers did a such great job at putting this together. There were so many engaging presentations and the topics that were covered were all so enlightening when it comes to sharpening my skills as a future counselor. I’ve been to a couple of conferences throughout my undergraduate but this one is my first as a Masters counseling student. Even though it was completely online, this was my favorite I have attended so far. 

It was inspiring to be around such an amazing group of people who are trying to make a difference in the world. There was a special moment for me while attending the conference that I will forever cherish. I felt a sense of belongingness and that I had finally found my tribe- a group of individuals who are on the same mission as me. I am beyond excited to attend the conference next year to continue on my path of developing myself as a counselor and to make an impact on the community I live in. 

Thank you IMHCA for the opportunity, I am so grateful to have been able to attend the ICA Conference!"

Michael Carey
Master’s Student, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Idaho State University


"I think the biggest takeaway from my experience at the ICA conference is that we as counselors always have a responsibility to continue to educate ourselves, because even after 10-20 years in the field, there is always more to learn.

One of the sessions I attended today was on Racial and Cultural Trauma and its effects on people who could be our clients. I got to hear personal stories of the presenters who had been victims of racial trauma and stories of other practicing counselors who admitted having to own up to times when they had hurt friends or colleagues through micro-aggressions. Many of the topics of sessions were focused on racial trauma and anti-racism, especially as we live through the current political climate of 2020.

Although I have tried to spend some time educating myself on these topics, I am yet again humbled and reminded that I will never achieve cultural competence. I can aspire to become more culturally competent, while also recognizing that there will always be more perspectives to hear and more lessons to learn. I was also struck by the participants’ willingness and desire to increase their own personal awareness and identify their own blind spots to better be able to work with marginalized clients. I feel grateful to be in a profession where so many people seek to grow and have those hard conversations in order to better be able to serve others."

Courtney Goossens
Master’s Student, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Idaho State University


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